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    A couple of years ago I began to combine enochian magic with shamanic techniques. Some results of my researches are shown on this pages. I have to emphasize that these materials are for experienced shamans only. I cannot prevent would-be magicians and wannabe-shamans reading these pages. For beginners I recommend to read the articles about enochian shamanism and surf to other places, less dangerous to your health, mental as well as physical. Perhaps you can find some valuable hints for your own path. The practitioners which are urging to test these materials will recognize soon the limits of human abilities and continue progressing on their own path of life. Always ask your (spiritual) teachers about the ways of dealing with such powers.

    Any effects that may happen or may not happen due to practicing anything that is based on the knowledge shared here are totally within your own responsibility. I do not guarantee anything here, neither I promise that anything here is working for you. This knowledge you should try out only under experienced guidance.

    The revision of this section of my website took considerable time and energy, because I am publishing here most of the basic material I have at hand. In Germany many of these things are simply unknown. I decided to offer interested practicians at least the rough material. For the english reader the whole thing is illustrative and offering an overview on the original material and what is being improved or changed of it in modern times. These articles and materials you can find here:

History of Enochian Magic

The Mystical Heptarchy

John Dee and Edward Kelley

The Great Table

The Dawghter of Fortitude

The Nineteen Enochian Calls

Enochian Language Guide

The Thirty Æthyrs

The Enochian Symbols

Enochian Banishing

Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor

Generating the Angels' Names

Liber Mysteriorum Sextus et Sanctus - Liber Loagaeth

Modern Enochian Shamanism

The Sigils of some Enochian Angels

German Translation

The Enochian Ring!

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