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Imprint & Copyrights of the Website "The Flight of the Condor - Contemporary Shamanhood"

    "The Flight of the Condor" is maintained and written by Stefan Neil Klemenc, whose artist-name is "Apu Kuntur" (former: Aufsteigender Adler). The IT-presence exists since 1997. In October 1998 it was registered at Denic under the current URL http://www.kondor.de/.

    All texts and articles are composed by the author and webmaster himself. Graphics and texts from other writers are marked with the appropriate copyright-notice, as far as known to the webmaster.

    Some technical details: The IT-Presence is being hosted by Strato AG and currently measures approx. 200 MB of webspace. It is being maintained on a Pentium-IV PC with 2.81 Gigahertz and the OS Win XP SP 2 and SuSe Linux 9.1. It is being optimized for monitor-resolution of 1200 Pixels horicontal width and can be opened without compatiblity problems with the common standard browsers. On technical details of the server machines please contact Strato AG.

    The author and webmaster can be contacted at:

Apu Kuntur
(Stefan Klemenc)
Mittenwalder Str. 40
86163 Augsburg.

tel.: +49 (0)821 - 2638756 (AB)
email: apu (at) kondor.de

My address is published here for intelligence purpose only. Visitation without previously making an appointment with me is senseless.

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