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    First off: I am not insane, deluded or otherwise mental instable. My spirituality is in some parts difficult to understand for outsiders - but nevertheless I neither would utter nor write things not being tested and verified by at least three different independent sources of information. Those individuals reading my biographical notes who cannot wrap their mind around the fact that there are people out there being totally different from the rest and quite sane should stop here and go elsewhere - because many of them are incapable of respecting me and my life.

     1969 I was born in Augsburg. After school and civil-service I attended the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and studied cultural anthropology, sanskrit and old persian philology. After that I was been trained as male nurse in Landsberg am Lech, ending this education in 1999. From then on I have been working as part-time nurse in Augsburg, attending our clients at home.

    My first experiences with Angel Condor I already had during my early childhood. Though the time was not right back then and I myself too young Angel Condor told me to wait until "later". 1991 she came back to stay in my life with great power.

    Aging something between three and five years I told my father, who and what I am exactly. We came to the agreement not to tell anybody anything about it because the consequences I would have had to suffer were too hard to bear for my young life. I already knew that I am one Fiery Dragon, a Seraph, incarnated as a human being. I was sent back to "sleep" in order to prevent an accidentally revelation of this fact. This sleep was light, however. During all those years until my "Awakening" in 2003 again and again fragments of knowledge popped up or incidents happened that could not be explained by normal means. I collected all those strange bits of informations, but until my Awakening I could not assemble this puzzle together. Then I got answers to many important questions I had.

    At the early 80's, when I was on high-school, my father gave me the literature on ceremonial and angelic magic, that was available in those times. My range of interest was wide ranged: Cryptography, astronomy, magic, mathematics, meteorology and geology, as well as music and the arts in general, just to name a few. In all those interests I was - and still am - being guided by my spirits, who always offer me the right pieces of information at the right time. My first practical experiences with the old angelic magic I made in the mid-80's, in that time I was engulved in practical exercises inducing lucid-dreams or out of body experiences.

    1987 a shining white angel appeared at my bedside. After that my life got a momentum in a certain direction that became clearer and more obvious in the later years. 1989 I encountered my hardest crisis. I was in Rome and suddenly fell down, experiencing death first-hand. I returned to life and know today that the angels - or spirits - were sending out their calling to me. In the year of the death of my father I actually began to shamanize. The starting was made in autumn 1991, when I attended a workshop of the FSS in Vienna.

    Between 1991 and 1996 I experienced some quite hard phases of intiation and spiritual tests, conducted by the spirits. 1992 I deliberately awakened my kundalini and had to endure several shamanic dismemberments afterwards, that cleansed my various energetic bodies. During that time Angel Condor informed me that I was going to be a Condor-Dancer. She gave me exact informations on how the dancing-costume had to look like. In the year 1996 I got the moulted feathers as a gift from my falcon-master and the Andean Condores Simon and Bolivare, so I began to manufacture the dancing costume. 1998 I finished the work and in the year 2002 I also finished the appropriate headdress. Since 1998 I am one of the very, very few living Condor-Dancers worldwide.

    During the 90's I also re-established contacts to the more modern kinds of ceremonial magic. I joined the I.O.T. 1994. Before that I practiced more traditional forms of magic. In the 80's I learned hebrew and studied the qabalah and the conjuring formulas, that evoke angels and daemons. 1994 the more profane way of magic came into my life, which has actually much in common with my shamanic activities.

    Angel Condor persuaded me to found the website "The Flight of the Condor" in autumn 1998. Angel Condor gave her name to the domain, as you can easily see. I dedicated a whole area of it to this majestic bird. The website existed already 1997, but it was still very small and hosted at Geocities. On October the 28th. 1998 my german bulletin board on shamanism was initialized and started. Today it is the oldest (german) bulletin board on this theme, completely documented since its beginning and completely managed by myself only. The english branch of it went online in the year 2004. In the year 2009 the website had a daily activity of between 40.000 and 50.000 clicks, which documents its popularity and quality.

    In the year 2002 I finished my training as a remote viewer and started in the year 2004 to train the method. In the year 2007 three trainers (including myself) founded the german "Remote-Viewing Akademie" in order to set a high standard of training and service and to get control of pseudos and wannabes.

    After I awoke in the year 2003 and realized that I am a chinese dragon, a fiery dragon, living in an human body, slowly many unresolved questions found unexpected answers. It took me time until 2007 to figure out that my kind is also well-known as Seraphim in Europe, a certain angelic choir. Most of this delay in accepting and recognizing this I owe to the fact that I only had some rather fluffy-bunny ideas on what those angels are, in spite of my more original past. The clichées that are quite popular among the lightworkers hindered me extremely in that process. Okay, now I know that I am myself one of them angels, not fitting into any romantizid idea of angels at all.

    Often I am asked, whether I am a shaman or not. Well, since 1999 I have a clear answer to that question. Because a shaman as a term of a profession is not native to Germany, I came to the conclusion labeling myself as Spellsinger and Condor-Dancer. Those two terms describe exactly what I am doing all the time. I was being recognized and accepted as a dear uktug kham (that is "Shaman that came from Heaven" in tuvinean language) by the tuvinean delegation that visitied Europe in 1995, when there were no "licenses" being handed out, that documented this recognition. In the year 2000, when the second delegation visited, this recognition was confirmed again. Sometimes between 1998 and 2000 Sarangarel Udigan recognized me as a black shaman. I do not need any paperwork for that. It is a foreign naming, this shaman, which I accept anyway, because many people simply know only this label for such persons as I myself. Since 2012 I actually arrived at my final conclusion: My primary ability is "seeing", so I am a Seer (not a Fortuneteller, Soothsayer or Oracle).

    Since April 2011 I am member of the afrocuban religion "Regla de Ocha" or Santeria. Taking this step into this vital and deeply spiritual religion is an important milestone of my own path of spirituality. Currently I am a godchild of the Ilé of Efun Yomi, my padrino in Ifá is Oddi Sa. My guardian-angel (head-orisha) is Oddua/Oduduwa.

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