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Publications of Apu Kuntur - Stefan Neil Klemenc

    Since 1990 I frequently published articles in various print-media. At the beginning I wrote articles for underground periodicals, having ceremonial magic as primary interests. Later, after I released my Website - on which you are right now - this acitivites went on for a time. These periodicals are no longer available, so it does not make sense to mention them further. Anyway, the articles were not that good.

    At the moment, all my publications are written in german language. So this section is only of interest for you, when you are speaking the german language fluently enough, to follow my sometimes complicated thoughts. Currently I am planning an english edition of my PDF and maybe sometimes later of my book. So then ... - you can find in the first PDF here the thematic emphasizes on Shamanhood and the Runes. You can print it out at home with your Printer, but because of many coloured images in it, this can be expensive.

Der Flug des Kondors - Zeitgenössisches Schamanentum - Version 3 of March 2009

    After many requests it was a kind of reaction from me to publish the part of my Website, dealing with shamanism, as a book. In January 2010 it was finally been released. The title is, as you can imagine, "Der Flug des Kondors - Zeitgenössisches Schamanentum". I improved and elaborated many articles of my Website, in order to offer the reader more comprehensible informations. It is being published at Shakermedia, it has approximately 400 Pages and can be ordered directly from the Publisher. Alternatively you can order it at Amazon or from myself. If you want to buy it from Amazon you simply click on the cover you see below which is linked to Amazon. If you want to order it directly from me, because you want a special dedication, then you have the possibility to order it by eMail. Maybe you register on my trilingual Bulletin Board, and write in the relevant thread. Please calculate some time of waiting, if you order it from me directly. You can pay per PayPal, after I contacted you.

Der Flug des Kondors - Zeitgenössisches Schamanentum

    During the revision of my PDF in the year 2007 I quickly realized that there is going to be a separate PDF, dealing with enochian magic. This PDF was being released in 2007. Of course you can download it here.

Liber Enochiana - Das Buch der henochischen Magie - Version 1.00 of 9th. September 2007

    In the german literature on Remote Viewing I published only some articles in two omnibus-books on Remote Viewing. The books are named "Die Bar am Ende des Universums" - you can order them directly at Amazon.

Stefan Neil Klemenc, aka Apu Kuntur - in the year 2009.

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