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Who, if I cried out, would hear me, who among the angels’
orders? And put the case even that one of them should take
me suddenly to his heart: I would succumb to his
stronger existence. For the beautiful is nothing
but the awesome’s beginning which we barely endure,
and we admire it so, because it serenely disdains
to destroy us. Each one of the angels is awesome.

Rainer Maria Rilke in "Duineser Elegien"

    Angels play an important role in my whole life, thus I created this section here, to write down some ideas, thoughts and conclusions on them, their iconography, nature and my own relation to them.

    I am relativizing the section's truth with a deeply philosophical and typical sentence of chaosmagic: "There may be no absolute truths!" — Pete Carroll coined it back in the early times of chaosmagic. So you can see the things and facts I am writing about here as a possible way of perception and not as unchangeable, carved in stone kind of absolute truth. That I cannot provide here - and I do not want to state any absolute truth, either! Maybe in some years I reconsider some informations? This section of my Website is the most likely one of intensive development and changes.

    If you are reading my articles and think after your lecture, that I am not grounded enough or have some delusions of grandeur, you are going to be disappointed when meeting me personally. I consider this life as a gift and a sheer bottomless chalice of manyfold experiences, which one can make only in-carnae - literally: "in-the-flesh", I use the latin version of it to show the roots of the nowadays in the esoteric scene quite common term incarnation. Ever tried to eat a steak, or to have really dirty sex and smoke a cigarette afterwards without a physical body, as a being of pure energy? That is impossible.

    Before you actually start to read the articles here in this section, I recommend that you first read my article on Otherkin to get some important informations on what I am talking about in some of the articles here. In the case you have found this section by a searching-engine or you do not want to read through this particular article, here the in-a-nutshell-version of it: I am stating that my soul - my spirit - is not human, but that of a dragon - more precisely: One of the fiery dragons, called Seraphim in the ancient hebrew texts. You need not believe me in this, it is enough when you accept this statement and respect my point of view. I have to live with it, not you.

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