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Projects, conducted for Individuals or Corporations

    The biggest problem in dealing with clients that maybe interested in starting a RV-project is that these clients does not have any idea on possibilities and limitations of the RV-method, as well as the problems arising when a Viewer knows anything about the target. At shamanic sessions I am used to work with frontloading - i.e.: Informations on the Target, which is the classical situation in shamanic sessions. Usually it goes similar like this: "Well, I have a problem ... (description of the problem) and I want you to help me with its solution or finding informations on it etc." - so I am feeded with informations on the target. But Remote Viewing does not work this way. The less a Viewer knows about the target, the better for the results generated during a RV-session.

    If you want me to do some sessions on your problem, you should contact the Remote Viewing Akademie and tell your contact what you expect us to do and what problem you actually want to be worked on. You are receiving professional informations regarding our possibilities. If you are contacting me, I cannot conduct a session as a Viewer on your problem anymore, but I can manage Viewers that actually have no informations on yourself or your project. I would then manage the project and be the Tasker of it and as an evaluator of the incoming sessions. Do not expect us to work wonders for you, and be prepared to use other resources as well - and not only Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing is not perfect and serves more as an advisor to your problem.

    It will take its time, doing a project on your problem. We conduct several RV-sessions, solo and monitored, that has to be transcribed and evaluated in due course of the project. A final report will be created as soon as the evaluation is finished by the Tasker. It remains in the responsibility of the tasker to declare a project closed when sufficient informations are available. A small project would span over five sessions and maybe two or three weeks, because all Viewers are doing these sessions in their spare-time, having many other things to do, as well. Five sessions are quite enough to get a good overview on the target being tasked and worked upon. For a big project you should think of an average of twenty sessions, or even more, and several phases of the project. Yes: such projects take much more time then two weeks.

    Money is one vital point of importance in your calculations. As a normal, nonprofessional and noncommercial person you should realize that it is a big effort in time and sometimes in money (travelling costs for viewers), so we cannot give our services away for nothing. It is worth its price. So think carefully before engaging the academy for one of your problems or questions. To conduct, transscribe, evaluate and including a session in a report I need up to four hours of work, which I am calculating with 100 € per session. The calibrating sessions I do not include, because it is up to my own responsibility to be fit. Larger objects or projects with a commercial background and interest are more expansive, one percent of the targets price-tag for one year is being added to the usual honorary note. The costs for a monitored session is higher then a solo-session. It costs 150 € - because a team of two persons work on it to be more efficient then a solo-viewer. The total number of sessions can thus be reduced. Your request and engagement is treated confidential.

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