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What is Remote Viewing?

    Because there is plenty of literature available on how Remote Viewing works - in german as well as in english - I am rather brief here. Anyone who starts a training with me as a trainer or wants to offer a project to us, hears as an introduction this sentence: "Forget anything you know or think you know on clairvoyance or remote viewing." - if you are interested in Remote Viewing and live in germany, speaking german, you cannot avoid Jelinski's books on Remote Viewing. In german language these books are the milestone on Remote Viewing, elaborate and with a high level of information offered. You as an anglophonic reader have much more resources you can rely upon. All Remote Viewers that were trained or operative in the 70's and 80's are english-speakers and many of them published their own point of view on the history and techniques of Remote Viewing already. If you stumbled upon this Website, you may not know anything on Remote Viewing and so you might be interested, what Remote Viewing is, before diving deeper into it.

    The methods of RV, as we utilize them today, were being used efficiently in the 70's and 80's by U.S. - secret services and other instances of intelligence. At the beginning of the 80's Ingo Swann developed the known protocol of Remote Viewing that is being used on military, intelligence and criminological targets. Swann developed a kind of method that can be taught to everyone open enough to give it a chance. 1995 a small group of germans travelled to the US and learned the method of TRV with Ed Dames and so RV came to germany.

    The RV-method is assuming that it is possible for anyone to get informations on targets, that are outside the direct access of the viewers normal senses: far away, in the past or future, hidden or abstract. The protocol is being followed in a special way of concentration that enables the left hemisphere to increase its activities and to give the other half something to do, to be distracted from that what is being produced by the left hemisphere. The liminal-border that prevents RV to work in daily life is lowered and bypassed by this methods.

    The cooperation of reasoning and intuition, as well as some special tools of the method itself, enable the Viewer to get informations on the target and write them down. The viewer does not know anything about the target, he is working blind. How to give a viewer a project to work on, I explained in this article. Some people want me to conduct RV-Sessions - this article is for you.

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